New Outlook - Emails Sent to Shared Mailbox Not Showing in User Inbox

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When a Shared Mailbox receives an email, it should show up in a user's inbox so that they do not have to navigate to the "Shared with me" section - but it does not.


Why is this happening? What setting needs to change to make this function like a Distribution List in that the message will appear in the user's inbox? I swear this used to work before Microsoft kept changing things with the "New" Outlook.

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I think you are confused about how Shared Mailboxes work and how Microsoft 365 Groups work.


Microsoft 365 Groups are like Distribution Groups but also have a collaboration space, Calendar, as well as a history of emails sent to this group. You have an option to receive these emails within your own mailbox as well. So exactly the way you want and described it.


Shared Mailboxes are independent mailboxes which can be accessed by one or multiple people at the same time. All emails addressed to these mailboxes are only received within these mailboxes unless you configure a rule to forward/redirect the messages to another mailbox or distribution group as well.


Shared Mailboxes have always behaved like that. This hasn't changed with the New Outlook as this behavior is dictated at server-level (Exchange).

Just FYI: old Outlook behaves exactly the same way.