Multiple versions of Outlook

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My computer came with Outlook. Somewhere along the line I installed Office 365, now have two versions of Outlook.

How do I get rid of the old version without losing everything?

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Are your talking about the Mail App on your Windows device? Outlook won’t allow 2 to run on your device. If it’s Mail which kicks off as part of your device setup, then uninstall like this:

No I am talking about a full version of Office 2010 that came with the computer. At some point I thought I was upgrading my version but I was downloading Office 365. 

I now have 2 versions of Office (Outlook) on my computer. 365 is what I am using but the other is sitting there, so when I open Outlook I am looking at 2 versions. 365 is working but I would like to get rid of the other older version without losing the hundreds of emails I have put into folders and want to keep.

Thanks for your reply


Search your computer for all *.pst* files which will be archive files of your Office 2010 emails. If you can't find any, then export all files to a *pst*:

Once you've done that then in 365 Import:

Check you have all your files and then you can uninstall Office/outlook 2010.