Multiple Emails Sent ot Junk the Same Day They Were Selected Not To

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February 23, 2024, and I've lost count of the problems with Outlook. I have been receiving email from a new sender over the past two days. I specifically selected to never send these emails to Junk after receiving the first email.


Just this morning, I have received two emails from this new sender, and even though I have selected, more than once, to never send them to Junk, both of them have gone to my Junk folder.


I was on another board over the past couple of months where I was messaging about the initial problem that started before last summer (2023) of certain emails being sent to Junk. After working with an online chat rep, where he sent instructions and links to reset, add, delete and restart over a 2 hour period, ALL of my emails,, was being sent to my Junk folder. I then spent the next morning trying to undo what this rep had done, but it never got back to "normal". And after all of this time, there are still multiple emails that I have had as safe senders (banks, insurance company, streaming, etc.) that are sent to my Junk folder. So, I have to read through EVERY SINGLE EMAIL in my Junk folder to make sure there aren't any legitimate emails in there. Which defeats the purpose of having a Junk folder in the first place.


Microsoft is really going down hill fast, like most other corporations in this country.

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