Microsoft doesn't have permission to get emails

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I changed my password for Outlook. Then I get an email saying Microsoft doesn't have permission to get my emails. These instructions are no help.


Nothing happens when I select my account to sync it.

I always dread changing my email password because then I always have problems with Outlook.






Under the settings icon, there is no options

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It sounds like you are having trouble syncing your Outlook account after changing your password.
If you received an email saying that Microsoft doesn’t have permission to access your emails, it’s possible that you need to update your password in the Outlook app to match the new password you set for your email account.
Here are the steps to update your password in the Outlook app:
1. Open the Outlook app and go to the “File” tab.
2. Click on “Account Settings” and then select “Account Settings” from the drop-down menu.
3. In the “Email” tab, select your email account and click on “Change”.
4. Enter your new password in the “Password” field and click on “Next”.
5. Follow the prompts to complete the setup process.
If you are still having trouble after updating your password in the Outlook app, you may want to try removing and re-adding your email account to the app.
This can sometimes help resolve syncing issues.

I hope this helps!
Thanks for your reply. I did update my password in Outlook, and that's when the trouble started. I guess I will have to delete and email account and re-add it and hope that helps.