Microsoft blocking all my outgoing outlook emails started last week? PLZ STOP BLOCKING MY EMAILS

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Started last week, every email I send from my account I have had no issue with for years and years suddenly now every single email sent to anyone is automatically blocked by microsoft as spam. 


No matter what the content of the email is. I have tested with multiple emails with multiple ways of sending with and without attachments, to multiple senders. 


Microsoft is blocking all my outgoing emails for no reason, I can still receive incoming emails. 


I have tried to contact support but you HAVE NO SUPPORT. I tried calling and it basically tells me to go away and use the website....which DOES NOTHING TO HELP RESOLVE THIS ISSUE.




It is having a devastating effect in work and other aspects of life as well as soon to effect my income due to not being able to reply to emails. 





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Hi, MTC is not technical support - users try to help if possible.

It looks like you will need to fill out a detailed form -> have you already done so?

Delist IP - Delist IP (

That is not going to help, microsoft has my email added to some kind of spam blocklist and all outgoing emails are blocked regardless of to who, what, where and regardless of where emails are sent from whatever locations.

They are blocking all outgoing emails from my email account which I have had no issues with for years.
I see that you know better, and how do you want to fix it in another way?
It also keep saying not valid email or IP address so can not even fill out that form, I need to speak to a human being.
Unfortunately, I think you have to ask an IT specialist who will take turns and try to fix it!
But a Microsoft employee can't do it =>because you're already on the block list.
Think I need to ditch all microsoft products then, no support staff, no call centre and no way to solve issues when needed.

Time to leave them for good.
I understand your frustration, but even accidentally your emails have been marked as phishing – or even done so intentionally and then you are automatically blocked.
Or you send hundreds of enamels at the same time - this too can cause blockage
And have you checked if you have access to a Microsoft account?
When you say intentionally you mean someone could have reported my emails as spam on purpose to get me added to a block list?

I do not send hundreds or excessive amounts, yes I have always had a microsoft account for many many many years.
I tried to use your delist form and after an hour or so tested it, all emails outgoing still being blocked.
oh, it doesn't work like that until 24 hours or 48 hours, but you should get information that the support ticket is open!
If you have not received a ticket - you have not filled in the formula correctly
And then you will receive a report from Microsoft on this matter - this is the procedure

It said when using it it would take affect in green words approx 30 mins after submitting form and that it was accepted/email confirmed etc.

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Well I got an email from Microsoft to email them back with more information about the issue but then my email to them is blocked again my microsoft,


I am so done, it is going to cost me a lot of time, hassle and money but I am moving everything away from microsoft. 


Auto banning users that have done nothing wrong and had an account for over 10 years is never a good policy. No support or ability to phone support is never a good policy. 


I am never using MS products for anything ever again.


Only Microsoft technical support can fix it!
if you have a contact address, continue, but you need to provide more information
this is needed to verify positively the sender - they need to check it
for me it's obvious!                                                                                                                            Remove yourself from the blocked senders list and address 5.7.511 Access denied errors - Office 365 ...