meeting from one external partner with wrong time in some internal user's calendar in outlook

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any suggestion would be appreciated!

few days ago I received a complaint from one of my users about a meeting that he received from an external partner, he received the meeting and the scheduled time is one hour early that the exact starting hour, the majority of other internal users being invited to the same meeting have the right starting time in their calendars, but few of them have the same issues. all of the internal user have the same and right time zone setting.

since we have some users having the right information in their calendar, and that all of the internals users have the same time zone settings, where else can I find apart from time zone setting on internal users's outlook client ? is there something that should be checked with remote partner ?



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Does the client computer have the correct time?

hi@AccotinkCaptain the client computers have the correct time and the correct time zone.


I have done a test by setting the outlook profile of one of the affected users on another computer.

the concerned meeting are displaying in the calendar on that other computer with the correct scheduled time.

seems like something goes wrong on his current computer/profile, any suggestion on want can be the root cause would be great.