Maximum attendees in a meeting request

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Does any one know what the maximun number of attendees are recommeneded when sending a meeting request out via Outlook with an Exchange 2013 or 2016 backend.

Also what is the best practice on sending a meeting request to a DL?


I am kind of suprised that the document Microsoft Office best practices when using the calendar does not offer any guidence on this.


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There's no maximum limit for meeting attendees per se, the default Exchange "recipient limit" however will stop you from sending invite to more than 500 people in a single message. If you use a DG, you can go well beyound that limit.

@Vasil Michev I have over 1,200 employees that I need to send a Microsoft outlook calendar invite to. I know Microsoft has a limit of 500 names for outlook calendar invites. What is the best way to get this done without having a ton of bounce back emails because of the limit?



Jo Ann

Hi @JoAnnTaylor ,


I think this resource may help you:


In Microsoft 365, the maximum number of recipients on any sent item, whether it's a normal email message or meeting invitation, is 500. When you send an email message or a meeting invitation to a distribution list, the distribution list only counts as 1 recipient.

So if you create a DL with all your employees, you should be able to send a MR to all of them.

I hope this helps.