Marking an email as "Junk" and blocking a sender can result in two different things

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Whenever I mark an email as Junk and pick "Block Sender", I expect that the email will be automatically deleted and the sender will be blocked, but that is not always what happens. Sometimes the email is not deleted and I have to manually do that myself. Additionally, I often continue to get emails from the same Junk mail senders even after they are blocked. That is expected as I suspect that they change their email identity frequently. But I would like to know why the emails are sometimes automatically deleted and other times are not. 

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I am an independent advisor responding to this inquiry.


I could not recreate your issue in Outlook for the web - business & enterprise environments.  I tested the following behaviors:

  • blocked sender read and unread messages 
  • report junk vs block sender

And the marked messages were moved to the Deleted folder, and all future messages will go directly to the Junk folder for 30 days as designed. If you have several messages already in your Inbox from this now blocked sender, you can use the Sweep command to move the remaining messages. The top two choices will work for you.


I also encourage you to give Microsoft feedback to either delete or move all existing labeled block sender's emails to the deleted or junk folder. (You will get  my vote. :smile:)

You are correct. Email marketers get smarter everyday by changing the username@ of the email address. However, you can also block the as long as it is not a host provider domain like,,, or 

  • Settings icon | View All Settings | Mail | Junk 
  • +Add | input the

It appears that you know how the Junk Email suppose to behave. I would like to take this opportunity to educate others who may be reading this post. 


Outlook for the Web: Recently, Microsoft separated Junk Emails drop-down menu into two categories:

  • Report: Report Phishing and Report Junk
  • Block: Block Sender and Never Block Sender

They are located in the top navigation. You may need to select the More options (three dots) to see these choices.



Report Phishing: Suspicious fraudulent mail requesting for personal information; possible virus; protection from hackers
Report Junk:  Unknown Senders (Bot marketers); your email was part of a purchase email database or list

Block Sender:  You once subscribed, joined or provided your email details but no longer interested

Never Block Sender: A trusted sender

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Thank you , Teresa for your very nice reply. I've been an Outlook user since 1998, so it is not a mystery to me, but I do occasionally run into small problems like the one I described. 


I get hundreds of emails a day and junk mail is a problem. Blocking Junk mail does help when it works. it does not always work. 


Have a great day, and, again, thank you for your response.

Yes. I get it! I have been using Microsoft products since the late 80's as well.
(I am telling my age. lol.)

Have a good day.
Age? You've been using it since the 80's? In 1980, I had been using computers for 18 years. As a Junior Math Major at California's finest Polytechnical University (SLO), I took a class in Fortran IV and never looked back. That old punch carded IBM 360, filing a room with it's powerful 8 Kb memory was simply fascinating to me. And now, with my 81st birthday coming in less than a month, I still love computing. I presently own and use 8 Windows machines, none of them purchased new but each and every one I consider as outstanding machines. However, I am always looking for something used but a little better to replace a machine I presently used. I usually go through 3 or 4 machines a year. As I tell my wife, COMPUTERS KEEP MY BRAIN ACTIVE AND KEEP ME ALIVE. I am no longer the "smartest man in the room" as people used to consider me. But, while I can not longer do many of the things I used to do, my brain works well and I enjoy life.
That's Awesome! And, happy early birthday to you!

Your story made my day.
The reliable way to move all emails from the Junk folder to Inbox is using the flow named FromJunkToInbox: