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So I have a pretty neat outlook setup where I can perform every action with keyboard shortcuts and organise my Emails in Tasklists and search folders. I actually only have three real folders (Inbox, CC, Archive) as soon as I have read an email it goes imediately to archive. If I still have to do something it also gets a categorie assigned and stays in my Takslist untill I have taken care of it (both tasks are performed with one single shortcut). All this works very well and I find old emails in the corresponding search folders with propper rules (each customerfolder has assigned keywoards and domains). A long time ago I decided to opt against grouping emails in conversations since I had issues finding them and quickly seeing when I had send an E-Mail and when I had received one. To still be able to see the propper history my send Emails go directly into the archive (and end up in the corresponding search folders one of which contains alls my send emails). I achive that with a rule for Emails that I send, and I have switched of the option to save a copy of my send emails in the send folder since I dont use this folder. Now the only very stupid task that I have to perform in Outlook all the time is to mark all my send emails as read. I have found no viable solution to do this automatically. A rule that I set up for all incoming emails from my address does not seem to work. Probably, because the emails are not incoming, but are put in the archive folder by another rule instead. Does anyone have a suggestion, that is fully automatic? I can trigger my rule for send emails manually but end up selecting my recent mails in my (search)sendfolder and mark them as unread since this way it requires less klicks. So I am not looking for something I have to trigger, but rather something fully automatic. Thanks!

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Create a small VBA script. A prototype you'll find at