M365 Group Email Folders

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I recently went to the trouble of creating a M365 Group for each one of our clients (around 180) to better and more consistently manage all of our data across Microsoft apps etc. I first went and moved all of our client data of our networks servers inro SharePoint using its Migration feature, and this worked superbly.


We had all of our emails in folders in a few different shared mailboxes (It's spread for capacity) that I intended to move in to the "Group" folder that I had created by doing this.


I went to start moving the emails that were stored in the shared folder into the "Group" folder, only to find that I can't drag and drop them into the "Group" folder. I also can't use any of the "Move" functions as it doesn't give "Group" folders as an option to move it to. I just never even considered that such a basic function would not be available for the "Group" folders. I've tried both app and OWA.


Has anyone got any ideas on what I could do to transfer all of the older emails? Or I have just wasted my time?

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You can drag and drop only via OWA, but given the limited email functionality of Groups, I'd advise you to keep using shared mailboxes where it makes sense.

@Vasil Michev Thanks Vasil. Dragging and dropping in OWA does not work either.