Lost email from Outlook Inbox on laptop but remain present on phone

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Hi there - first time poster here, so please treat me gently if I come across as technically obtuse.


This is rather peculiar but I have somehow lost the last 3 months or so of my received emails from the Inbox of my web-based Outlook account. Peculiarly these very emails remain present and correct on my Samsung phone. I thought somehow a glitch might have occurred and the ‘lost’ emails might have been accidentally archived somewhere but despite searching all of the necessary folders there remains no sign of them.

Would anybody have come across this sort of problem previously? Thanks in advance for any clues.


Regards UK_Steve

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Try logging in via Edge to Outlook OWA, everything should be fine there.



Have tried using Edge but missing emails still remain 'lost'. Thanks for the tip, though.


Check what inbox rules you've entered in your settings, maybe you accidentally approved them in quick steps?


Cannot envisage having changed inbox rules for any reason. But guess what? The email inbox in Edge is now showing the missing emails. When I tried this further to your suggestion all emails from 2nd September appeared wiped as they were in the Firefox Inbox, my usual browser. Now they appear restored. Pretty weird, ay?


I'm glad you're doing well:)