Lost delete icon on mailbox list

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Hi, somehow after reinstalling O365 in my PC (for a language change) I lost the "delete" icon that appears when I put my mouse over a mail.

I should appear like this (that gray cross):



But in my inbox that feature is gone:



Do you know how to get it back? I can't find the way.









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That is because you are in Touch Mode. When you switch back to Mouse mode, the button bar on the right will disappear and you'll have the "hover delete" button back.


Note that disabling Touch Mode will also reduce the distance between various UI elements.


You can find the Touch/Mouse Mode in the Quick Access Toolbar or add it by pressing the dropdown button at the end of the QAT.


Additionally see: Quick Commands Bar to Delete, Reply, Move etc... on the right side of a message

Thank you very much, it solved the issue!

@Robert Sparnaaij It worked, thank you!