Limit on email recipients

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I have a large group (approx. 700) email addresses for retirees from my former workplace, and I keep them informed of retiree events and noteworthy happenings (obituaries, new retirements, etc.). I have the retiree email addresses organized into groups of 100 (the limit from my Comcast email account) and send a message out to everyone by sending to the first group, then simply forwarding that message to the remaining 6 groups. Starting last week, my emails started being throttled down to the point where I can only send out to 2 groups, then I have to wait an hour before being able to send to the next 2 groups (otherwise I get an error message of a "policy violation"). Comcast support tells me they're not throttling me down, that it's Outlook doing that. Has anyone else had a similar experience? How do I convince Outlook (Microsoft) that I'm not a spammer? I tried calling a help line but the automated message sends me to online support, and I've found no help there.

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