Keyboard shortcut to collapse and expand Favorites bar

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I would like to know if there is a keyboard shortcut to collapse and expand the favorites bar? If not by default, is it possible to create one?


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Hi @anishjp,


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No shortcut key exists to collapse and expand the Favorites bar in OWA.


You will be glad to know that the Microsoft Feedback Team stated in April 2022 that they are working on supporting the keyboard shortcut customization feature.  No rollout timeline was given. Also, the post indicated the MAC environment. I am hopeful it is for the PC as well. 


Add custom keyboard shortcuts · Community (


Stay tuned.


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You can use the Left arrow key to collapse Favorites (or any folder in the folder list) but you need to select a folder then use PgUp or Home to select Favorites (if you aren't in the Favorites section, the keys will move you to the folder visible at the top of the pane, eventually getting to Favorites).

When a folder is selected it will have a dotted box around the folder name.
Because selecting a folder moves focus to the message list, it can take a few keys to get back to Favorites - using the mouse can be faster.