Issues receiving emails from a specific email address

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I recently created a rule to move emails from a certain email address into the junk folder.


After I created the rule I no longer am receiving emails from the address, I still wanted to get emails from them but I just didn’t want them to be filling up my inbox.


I have removed the rule, marked the email as safe and have checked the junk, inbox and other inbox, no emails from the email address. I have also reset my account and also tried adding and removing my email from my outlook app.

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Hi @aiidynbrus 

Add these addresses to your contact list and the problem should go away. :)

@A1 thank you for your reply. I just added the email address to my contacts and also reset my account, still not working unfortunately.


Can you send a message from your Outlook account to these addresses?

@A1 not sure, the email is one of those automated ones that send you a code. I have contacted the company who said everything is fine on their end and that their system shows that the email is being sent to me.

I have the same issue. I receive emails but from a specific email id its not received.


Are messages also missing from your phone or other computer?

Yeah, from everything.


Is this a private or business account?

@A1 Private account


Try logging in through your web browser to Outlook. OWA and check the settings there.

Thanks A1, yeah I've checked everything in my outlook settings using google chrome and can't find anything that needs changing etc. I'm at a dead end now, can't seem to figure it out. I have contacted Microsoft Support who wanted me to fill out a form, which I've completed and sent off (didn't really understand some of the questions), hopefully they actually reply.


Are you signed in to the Edge browser with a Microsoft account? This is important because Edge provides some sync settings for Outlook.

Yeah just tried, still nothing.