Issue with previewing a Word doc in Outlook PWA (Chrome)

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I'm having a issue in Outlook when trying to preview any Word docx that is sent to me. When opening an email and clicking on the .docx attachment, I get the error message below. I am able to download and open the document in Word to view it that way, the preview is the only issue. The rest of my colleagues are experiencing the same issue. We all use Chrome. I tried clearing the cache, no luck. I then tried uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome but still the error is occurring. I even tried signing into Outlook in a incognito tab but still nothing.

Outlook Error.PNG

When viewing a docx attachment from the standalone Outlook app it works fine, just Chrome. Is there an issue with Outlook or Chrome? If anyone has any advice on how to fix this I would greatly appreciate it, I feel like I tried everything I could think of.

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