iOS Calender Events Synced to Outlook 365 Using Default Alert Reminder Times Don't Appear in Outlook

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Now, when an event is created in an iOS calendar (iPhone, iOS 17.3) and uses the Default Alert time, this alert will not appear in Outlook 365 (Windows 11 latest build as of 1 hour ago). The event shows up in Outlook, but reminder shows "None".


If the event is created in an iOS calendar (iPhone) using an Alert time OTHER THAN the Default Alert time, then is will appear correctly in Outlook 365.


This problem has caused to miss some important appointments, because reminders not longer appear in Outlook 365.


This all worked correclty up until a month or so ago, but Microsoft changed something and created this bug. I tried rolling iOS back and the same issue with Outlook 365 is still there. I also used iOS 17.4 (Beta) and the same issue persists. We can't fix Microsoft 365 Outlook bugs on our own.


This is Microsoft's ongoing poor quality control when they publish updates, and we've had many other similar experiences with Microsoft (all windows updates complete as of 10 minutes ago, and all MS 365 updates are current as well.)

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@brnsdv I am having this issue with Siri-created calendar events on my iPhone syncing onto my Outlook calendar on my laptop. The reminder is set to none when it syncs over. This is so frustrating that after 11 years of using an iPhone, I am willing to just be done with it and get something that is compatible. I don’t know what Apple did to remove this after years and years of it being seamless and creating a reminder in Outlook, but they need to move it back because it is critically essential for my job to be able to dictate to calendar events and have them remind me on my laptop.



Apple did nothing.  The alert is there and works fine in iOS.  Microsoft wrote faulty code on a recent update to Windows or Outlook and now the default alerts are not transferred successfuly to Outlook as they always have been for many years.

I have discovered that it is with Siri-created events only, not just an iPhone-created event.



Not rue for me. All iOS created events (Siri or not) have their default alert ignored by Outlook since a faulty coding issue created by MS about 6 weeks ago. 

hello @Audrey0519 i understand that you have the issue only when you use siri but when you create an event through the calendar directly on your iPhone it does work and you receive reminders from outlook  app on your desktop   can you share with us the version of ios or if you established a certain configuration .

@HM45454545 iOS 17.4.1. I can’t even begin to say how frustrating this is when you are an assistant that is always speaking through Siri to create calendar events. I have to have an outlook reminder to go off every day for me to go through all of the reminders to make sure they have the bell icon that I will be notified.