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In the new Outlook, interactions between ToDo and Outlook can be easily made by drag & drop. This as workarounds, as long as there are no corresponding QuickSteps. Small, important things have to be considered.


I have created two small quickies (short videos). I'm looking forward to your answers.  :cool:


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Hi @mande1191 - my friend,


I have reviewed your videos. Thanks for sharing. 


Here are my thoughts. I don't believe there is a workaround. These are great suggestions for Microsoft. I plan to share it with the Outlook Team. However, here are my thoughts.


Video 1: Drag and Drop a MyDay Task to Calendar

1) Could you please provide more information about what you're hoping to achieve with your first video? I just wanted to clarify that typically, when an email is added to a calendar event, it doesn't create a task. However, in the example you mentioned where a task is dragged onto the calendar, if any changes are made to the calendar event, it can cause the details in the task to become disconnected. This is a known issue with all tasks.


Video 2: Drag and Drop an Email to MyDay as a Calendar Event

I agree that the default addition of participants isn't ideal. I often forget to remove them. I hope Microsoft will allow users to enable/disable adding participants as default.

Again, I have not discovered a workaround.


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Hi @Teresa_Cyrus 


Thank you very much for your feedback, which I greatly appreciate.


Video 1: 

As an example, I was in Italy for the last two weeks and had no access to PC/no notebook. However, I can still "mark" information (e.g. emails, websites etc.) with my mobile devices (iOS) by sharing this information in iOS with ToDo. At home, I can then structure these "tasks" on the PC/notebook in terms of time, i.e. schedule them by "dragging" them into the calendar. The fact that all information and details such as links and steps are lost as a result (drag & drop task to calendar) is very, very, very unpleasant. I hope that MS will correct this soon.


Video 2:

Yes, I also hope that MS fixes it as soon as possible. It has already happened to me that dozens of users have received a rejection e-mail from a meeting to which they were not even invited.


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Video 1: Great feedback. I will pass this along to the Outlook Team.

Yes, I also need a feature to update my task whenever an email is modified or additional correspondence is received. I feel your pain. :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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