I removed my account via the Alias microsoft page and can't acces anymore

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For a raison I've tried to alias my TOONDEHERT@HOTMAIL.COM account with the TOONDEHERT@OUTLOOK.BE account. Later I removed on the microsoft Aliases page via following the remove procedure .... click on remove. ThIS means I removed my hotmail account via the Aliases page

Later I've tried :

-1- to log in and the message appears " this acount doesn't exist"

-2- to restore via Microsoft help desk " recover account" but they ask the account to restore . In this example it's my hotmail.com account but the website page do not accept it and give the same error message.

-3- to alias again but get the message " This email address is part of a reserved domain. Please enter another email address.

-4- to sync this account with another => same message ... doesn't exist


I copy- past some comments what i found on the internet

-A- On the link below, scroll below to warning they mention


" If you remove an alias that's an email address from a Microsoft domain (like @hotmail.com, @live.com, @outlook.com, or @msn.com), the email is permanently deleted from our systems"




-B- this link show me the next



Replies (6)  The error "Microsoft Account does not exist" usually means: The person is logging in using an Alias. If the user renamed the affected email address into a new account, the original account will become an Alias.


-C- this link show me the next text



Usually, the error user ID does not exist denotes that the user is trying to login using an Alias.

If by any chance, the email address in question has been swapped with a new one, the original email address then becomes an Alias. Hence, logging in with the affected account (Alias) will trigger the user ID error. To resolve this, login using the details of the new account.


As you can see I still without any acces to my hotmail account . This occurs during removing a alias on the microsoft page. Thsi is ver strange for me and i like to acces back my hotmail account.


Can you help me ?

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I deleted my alias because it had the incorrect user name and I cant't get it back!


I had no idea I was deleting my email account! I kept it only because there's an important institution that for some reason won't let me change my email on my profile..and now what? How am I going to get emails I was getting to that email?


And then, I tried to login with my phone number and it says its going to send me the code and it never arrives! not if I try from my laptop or phone. Hotmail has always been a nightmare but this one is too much! If I try to add another alias, always, no matter what I use,  it says: "This email is part of a reserved domain. Please enter a different email address.". I have tried using outlook.com, live.com, hotmail.com!


Then I read a support answer on this topic saying I could use the app to login. Guess what? It wants to send me a code to my phone!!!!!!! It's so frustrating to have these silly problems in 2021. I have never had a problem with my gmail account.


Hi, I suggest you contact the technical support of the institution for which the address has been synchronized with your profile - certainly there is a procedure that allows you to change the address - in case of deletion or loss of control over the account, e.g. due to an attack, it seems to be the simplest solution.

If you delete your account, I don't know the restoration procedure.



@Toon_De_Hert i have the exact same problem, and they are like, we cant recover it because its voided, gone like the wind