How to send HTML-based email

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Hi there, I want to know is there a function that we can send emails which are in html code in Outlook.
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I also can't do it. I'm using Mac OS. There is a few options:
But they do not work on Mac OS, and specially with new UI.
The only one workaround that I found - create email via Web UI, type some text, go to Chrome Dev Tools, find previously typed text in HTML code of the page and replace it with my HTML email. But is "dirty hack". Does anybody know the proper way?

@xiaocao162020 If the html is an HTML file, you can open it in a browser, select all, copy and paste into the message. 


If you use Windows & Outlook desktop software and can use VBA or powershell, I have scripts that can insert an HTML file into the message. Create a New Message using an HTML File or Stationery (

Yes and no.
Yes - you can copy/paste HTML page from a browser to Outlook client
No - it is not an option, because it breaks some styles/layouts.