How I solved the mystery of missing attachments in Outlook for a Mac.

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The Mystery:  After the last update to Outlook  (16.46 -> 16.47) in Office 365 for the Mac,  I started noticing that when I tried to forward an email message containing attachments, none of the attachments were attached to the forwarded message!  This is a simple and common thing; surely there must be a way.  I never notice this problem before in Outlook.


I figured some setting was amiss, but I couldn’t find anything related to forwarding an email with attachments.  Not in any of the Outlook settings, not in the on-line Outlook support help, not in any of the Google Internet search hits.  I got lots of pointers to how to forward an email as an attachment, but that isn’t what I wanted to do!  I also found a lot of similar on-line complaints about not being able to forward and email with attachments and have the attachments actually attached to the forwarded email!  I was not alone with this stupid problem!


I was stumped and a bit torqued.


The Solution:  Finally, I went to Outlook’s preferences (again!), and clicked on “Composing”.  There I went through each “Format and account” sub-setting one at a time using a test email message with attachments, first Checking it ON and sending the test message, and then unchecking it Off and sending the test message.   Only when I checked ‘”When  replying for forwarding, use the format of the original message”  ON did the attachments actually stick with the forwarded message!  Who would have guessed that?


Nice burying the attachment setting in an obscure, majorly non-intuitive spot, Microsoft!

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