How do we know what and when changes are made to Outlook on Web app?

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We are noticing that we are seeing multiple versions of Outlook on Web across our organization.  Is there a way to know what changes are coming and a way to update the Outlook on web app if it is an older version?  

Reason we ask is because it looks like the newer versions are also working better with the various Loop components that are coming out.

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Microsoft regularly updates its Outlook on the Web app to introduce new features, improvements, and bug fixes. However, the ability to control or update the version of Outlook on the Web largely depends on the environment in which it is hosted. Here are some general guidelines on how to stay informed about changes and updates:

  1. Office 365 Message Center: If your organization uses Office 365, you can monitor the Office 365 Message Center for announcements about upcoming changes and updates. Microsoft typically provides information about planned updates, new features, and any potential disruptions to services. This will give you insights into what changes are coming.
  2. Microsoft 365 Roadmap: The Microsoft 365 Roadmap is a public resource where you can track upcoming features and updates across the Microsoft 365 suite, including Outlook. You can filter by product and service to see what is planned and in development.
  3. Release Notes: Microsoft often publishes release notes for updates to its services, including Outlook on the Web. These notes provide detailed information about what has changed, so you can understand how updates may impact your organization.
  4. Message Center Notifications: Ensure that you are set up to receive notifications from the Office 365 Message Center so that you are alerted when important announcements are made.
  5. User Training and Communication: Keep your users informed about updates and changes. Microsoft often provides training materials and resources to help users adapt to new features.

Regarding updating the Outlook on the Web app to a newer version, this is typically managed by Microsoft for Office 365 users. They roll out updates and new versions automatically to ensure that users are on the latest and most secure versions. There is not a direct way for individual organizations to manually update Outlook on the Web in Office 365, as it's a cloud-based service managed by Microsoft.

However, if your organization is using a self-hosted version of Outlook on the Web (for example, Exchange Server), then updates and version management would be handled by your IT team. In such cases, it is important for your IT team to stay informed about updates and follow the documentation provided by Microsoft to apply updates.

If you are seeing multiple versions of Outlook on the Web within your organization, it might be due to different users experiencing updates at different times or differences in settings. It is generally a good practice to ensure that all users have access to the latest version to benefit from new features and security updates.The text was created with the help of AI.


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You can stay informed about changes made to Outlook on the web app through a few methods:

  1. Official Release Notes: Microsoft regularly publishes release notes detailing updates, improvements, and new features. You can find these on the Microsoft 365 blog or the official Microsoft support website.

  2. Message Center in Office 365 Admin Center: If you're an Office 365 administrator, you can check the Message Center for announcements about upcoming changes. Microsoft provides advance notice of important updates here.

  3. User Notifications: Microsoft often sends in-app notifications to users to inform them about changes or new features. Keep an eye on these notifications within the Outlook web app.

  4. Feedback and Help Center: Check the Outlook web app's Help Center for articles or notices about changes. Users often report issues or ask questions related to updates here.

  5. User Community Forums: Participating in Microsoft's user community forums can provide insights into changes and updates. Other users often share their experiences and knowledge about the platform.

By utilizing these resources, you can stay well-informed about what changes have been made and when they will impact your Outlook web app experience.

This helps somewhat but still not finding the Release Notes for Outlook on Web. Can you provide a link to the Official Release Notes for Outlook on the web?
Alternatively, you can also access release notes and updates directly within the Outlook on the web application. Microsoft often provides release notes and information about new features directly within the app's settings or help menu.