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Hotmail has classified Spirit Airlines emails as a newsletter, so it automatically deletes the details of tickets I have purchased after 10 days.  How can I prevent Hotmail from treating normal business email addresses as newsletters?

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Hotmail (now and other email providers use automated algorithms to categorize emails into different folders, including newsletters and spam. Sometimes, legitimate emails can be misclassified. To prevent Hotmail from treating normal business email addresses as newsletters, you can follow these steps:

  1. Move the Email to Your Inbox: When you receive an email from a business contact like Spirit Airlines that is classified as a newsletter, open the email, and move it to your Inbox or another appropriate folder. This action can help train Hotmail to recognize emails from that sender as not being newsletters.
  2. Mark as Not Junk or Not Spam: If an email from a legitimate sender ends up in your Junk or Spam folder, mark it as "Not Junk" or "Not Spam." This action helps Hotmail learn that emails from that sender are not unwanted.
  3. Create a Rule: Hotmail allows you to create custom rules to manage your emails. You can create a rule that moves emails from specific senders or with specific keywords to your Inbox. Here is how:
  1. In, click the gear icon in the upper right corner to access settings.
  2. Select "View all Outlook settings."
  3. Go to "Mail" > "Rules."
  4. Click on "Add a new rule."
  5. Set up the rule to move emails from the sender or with certain keywords to your Inbox.
  1. Whitelist the Sender: Adding the sender's email address to your Safe Senders list or whitelist can help prevent their emails from being categorized as newsletters or spam. Here is how:
  1. Open an email from the sender you want to whitelist.
  2. Click on the sender's name or email address to open their contact card.
  3. In the contact card, click "Add to contacts" or a similar option to add them to your contacts list.
  1. Regularly Check Junk/Spam Folder: Periodically check your Junk or Spam folder for legitimate emails. If you find any, move them to your Inbox and mark them as not junk/spam to help improve Hotmail's filtering accuracy.


Keep in mind that email providers like Hotmail continually update their algorithms to improve email classification. While these steps can help, there may still be occasional misclassifications. Therefore, it is a good practice to periodically check your Junk or Spam folder for important emails, especially if you rely on them for business purposes.


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