Hide Shared Calendars in Outlook for iOS?

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With Outlook on the desktop, there is an option to hide but not remove Shared Calendars. Is this possible in Outlook for iOS? When I remove a Shared Calendar from Outlook for iOS, the calendar is removed as a Shared Calendar from my account.

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You can untick them so the events don't show on the calendar. Click the Bars and then uncheck the calendars you dont want to show.

D'oh. Never occurred to me to click on the circle with the checkbox. Thank you.

Sorry to sound dumb - that solution sounds so easy - but when you say "Click the Bars" -- where are the bars? Maybe the version changed? I am on the latest Outlook on iOS. Thanks!

It's the Menu button - which is a Calendar icon in the current build. 

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Current iOS Outlook with a profile picture doesn't have bars... Click on the profile picture then select/unselect calendars

@Diane Poremsky THANK YOU! I was getting calendar alerts on my Iphone for someone else!

@Diane PoremskyThanks for this.

Imagine, now my icon circle is just "the letter k".  There is no visual cue that it is a button of any kind. And all the shared calendars just start showing up on my screen, in different colors, with no key showing which color is which calendar. Since I have meetings in common, there is literally no way to tell actually, which is MY calendar without going through the screen and looking at which color has the right meetings missing LOL.


BTW, K isn't even one of my initials.

Thank goodness you figured it out.

@Diane Poremsky Thank you for discovering that underneath my profile picture there resides options for editing the shared calendar settings...I would never have thought to look there. i thought it could be as simple as unsharing them on the desktop and the App is then updated...but no. 


Just came across the same issue, thanks a lot to all contributed to the thread! Not the best possible UX here, I'd say :)

@BruceThomas999 one of the users wanted to have the shared calendars visible on her desktop but not on her iPhone, so I believe is was a good idea not to make all the endpoints tied.

Thanks to all who contributed to solving this issue - this has been such a frustrating issue for so long and easily solved if you know where to go! Pretty well hidden menu!

Has anyone experienced issues with the Share Calendars once disabled (removing tick) reappearing again?@RANDY ABBOTT 



This works as described, but I find that every few days or weeks it resets and all of my calendars are active, so the calendar is unusable (I have 20 or so colleagues calendars).  not sure if this is a bug, but it seems your calendar settings are not retained when there is a SW update or something.