Hi, unlimited problems with Outlook

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needing help with the following:


Before I start:

- Office 365 removed/reinstalled (twice).

- Computer restarted (a hundred times)

- Account up to date, storage sufficient, my internet connection is fine, my hard drive is not corrupted.

- I have searched everywhere, but nothing works.


1. When starting Outlook 365 on my local computer, it says my data file cannot be found. I then select cancel and my emails are accessible (usually). There is no support on how to fix this. There seems to be a rumor that this cannot be fixed, and I have to live with it. Is this true?


2. Often (not always) I'll start Outlook and a 'blinking' dialogue box will appear/disappear forever until I CTRL-ALT-DEL and close app. I cannot dismiss and continue. It will not connect to my mailbox when this happens (it happens more often than not).


3. I have an obsolete college email address which I've tried to remove and reset the primary to my main email address. It always throws an error message when I try to do this.


I've basically expunged 365 from my computer then reinstalled it, even after formatting the whole computer and trying on a separate computer. It has the same issues.


Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.



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