Hate Outlook!

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I hate hate hate Outlook!!!  It has become so much worse.  It gives me nothing but grief!  I will go through the aggravation of going to another email provider just to be rid of Outlook!  Too bad Microsoft never read the many previous complaints from other users.

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@Lois_340 I AGREEEEEEE!!  I can't even find where to create a new email.  Whoever designed this program should find another profession. Totally counter intuitive. GoDaddy switched our emails over. So pissed.

@Lois_340 Where do I even start?  Advertisement at the top of your inbox never allows you the satisfaction of achieving 'inbox zero', not to mention can be clicked by accident. The trash (delete) button turns out, is the entire right side of the column with no clear boundaries, so I'm clicking it by accident all the time.  My aliases don't sync with iCloud so I have to log on separately to iCloud to send emails from work email aliases.  (maybe this is fixable but who has the time to google that likely over complicated process and set it up, and then set up an 'app specific password' for each and every one) Attachments from sent emails don't show up.  The UI is so crowded and complicated I'm so nervous I'm going to click out of something and not ever be able to figure out how to get it back. Sometimes, after moving emails to specific folders, they will move back into my inbox.

Also, instead of right clicking to correct a misspelled word (like the entirety of the known universe has always done and likely will continue to do) its left click. THAT is the change you decided to make, Microsoft? Maniacs. 

So many questions: Why are my icloud and gmail inboxes separate? Can I connect my google calendar to create tasks?  How do I mark an email task pending?  Why can't the flags be color coded based off the task or job they require?  Why can't I open links behind email instead of having to open each and click back into outlook? 


Microsoft - this is 2023 - get your sh!t together. 

I hate it too! I hate how they ruined my hotmail. I had my hotmail adress since "the beginning of the internet" everything important is connected to that adress and now they ruined it. It is so complicated to log in. They are trying to force me to download their stupid app and they want to force me to interact with "Microsoft" All I want to do is to log in to MY hotmail. I do not care about stupid Microsoft and their stupid Outlook and their stupid options.@Lois_340 

Preach!  I felt better after I vented haha - but I still hate it.  I have my original gmail from when they first came out and you needed an invitation.  Gmail is very useful.  Outlook and microsoft have being doing computers for ever you'd think they would have a useful email platform available by now... 



easy fix enter the following into search hit return scroll down to outlook icon     

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16


find the old outlook on your installed files and click on it..........you can assign it to your start menu 

then click inside the search next to the Microsoft logo and there it is the old outlook every time

Me Too!! I HATE the calendar!

did you use the fix

no, there's a fix? @john3m 

@Lois_340 I totally agree! It uses so much ram: the minute I launch the app on my Mac everything hangs up. And there are much better programs - no ability to put rolling rotas in (I’m a doctor). It is just rubbish. 


Me too!!! Why does Outlook asks me if I want to keep a draft of an email I've spent hours writing? Just keep it!! Don't ask me if I want to keep it!!! I accidentally clicked the wrong button and lost hours of work :cry:

Microsoft seems to have long ago lost track of what user experience means.



Outlook is an unadulterated, steaming, stinking piece of SHIIIIIITTTTT! I hate its guts and wish it gets hacked by an evil dude that sweeps it off the surface of the earth, deep down where it can harm no one anymore.