Has Sharepoint Links indicator/icon in outlook inbox list

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To encourage use of sharepoint and not actually sending files around in mail, is it possible to show whether an email message has a sharepoint link embedded in the message in the inbox list.  You have the paper clip for whether a document is attached.   Also, is there currently a way to find messages that have sharepoint links?

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I found a workaround that may be useful to some.

Send an email to yourself with the target Sharepoint document as a link.
Send an email to the collaborators meant to share the document on Sharepoint/OneDrive and drag the email you sent yourself with the Sharepoint/OneDrive link into the new message.
The email shows up as an attachment and when opened presents the link.

Sharepoint links used to show up as attachments in emails, but a recent update took this option away and I do not know how to restore it.
This alternative is clunkier, but may be useful until Microsoft reverses the change or allows shared documents to show up as attachments in Outlook mail lists.