Gmail Sync Issues with Outlook 365

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Unable to create folders and manage mailbox for Gmail account through my Office / Outlook 365 account.

Customers are paying a subscription to Microsoft for Office 365 and only able to a % of the functions within the software.

Unacceptable !!!

Please resolve or provide update as it seems this has been ongoing for an extremely long period of time.

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@mtjmurray What exactly is happening? 


Gmail is working fine in Outlook for me - I can create folders in Outlook.  Other mailbox features - mark as read, deleting, etc are working although sometimes Drafts duplicate. 



@Diane Poremsky

Using Outlook 365 installed on Mac, I've linked my Gmail account.

I'm unable to create folders, drag emails from another mailbox to a folder and much more.

Basically it's only good for sending / receiving emails.

Had a member of Microsoft support team on a call yesterday who was surprised by this but then sent me the following web link.

Known issues syncing Google accounts to the Microsoft Cloud - Outlook for Mac

Currently I have to log into my Gmail web account and create folders there, then wait on Outlook updating / syncing.

Just a very frustrating / convoluted way of managing your mailbox when it should be simple.

@mtjmurray >> Using Outlook 365 installed on Mac, I've linked my Gmail account.

Ah... sorry I didn't see that it was a mac.   


The Microsoft Cloud syncs through Exchange and isn't good for mail IMHO. Calendar and contacts seem to be ok (although I don't really use my Gmail calendar or contacts, so it could be almost as bad as email and I just never noticed.) 


If you use manual set up and add the account as IMAP mail will work better but you won't have the Gmail calendar and contacts syncing. 


They need to use standard protocols to sync calendar and contacts - not invent new ways of doing things. :) 

Yeah like yourself I don't use Gmail calendar or contacts.

Do you know how I would go about using the manual set up? I only have 1 option to add an account through Outlook 365 on Mac? Maybe it's not possible but would be good if I could.

Yeah it shouldn't be difficult like it is just now.
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@mtjmurray  Add the address and let outlook find it - it will bring up a screen with the Gmail address and in the upper right is "Not Google" - click it and choose IMAP. 


You need to use the classic Outlook - not the "new Outlook" as the new outlook doesn't currently support IMAP (or on my computer folders). 



@Diane Poremsky 


It's asking for 'Incoming Server' and 'Outgoing Server' details?

Won't let me past this stage without entering them.

@Diane Poremsky 


I found the settings details.

Life saver, how Microsoft support didn't know this work around yesterday I do not know.


Excellent, thank you.



For the benefit of others, the settings are from this google support article:

Check Gmail through other email platforms - Gmail Help (


Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server

Requires SSL: Yes

Port: 993

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server

Requires SSL: Yes

Requires TLS: Yes (if available)

Requires Authentication: Yes

Port for SSL: 465

Port for TLS/STARTTLS: 587

Full Name or Display Name Your name
Account Name, User name, or Email address Your full email address
Password Your Gmail password


@Diane Poremsky 
Thanks a lot.

That helped us - to switch to OLD Outlook.

But the problem is actual for Outlook App on iPhone. Is there some advice?

The problem is "mail is no sync - nothing new sent, not received". Using Gmail.

@teutonian remove the account and add it back - the account was added as a cloud sync account and they sometimes get stuck. But I haven't found a way to add them as IMAP on the phone.