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Hello, there's a lot of fonts that works in Photoshop or Illustrator (for example) and doesn't work in powerpoint, yet they're so common and work on most of the computers before like "sofia" of "gotham" fonts, i tried to re-install the apps, and fonts and having the same problem.

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Many free font sites are available, but you must download and install the font on your computer. You and the client must purchase a license if it is a premium font. 


Major watch out: If other users don’t have the font installed, Microsoft will choose the closest match that may not display the font you wanted. 


To ensure others see your chosen font, you can: 

Option 1: 

  • For free fonts, send the client the font link and instructions on how to install 
  • Save font to C:/Windows/Fonts 
  • Teresa_Cyrus_0-1656265528591.png



Option 2:  

  • Save your slides as images
    • Save As | Download as image 
  • Create a separate PowerPoint 
  • Import your images into slides as images 
    • Insert Picture | From Device | Select Images 
  • Note: This alternative is not ideal if you want others to edit content.