Find unread messages in Outlook App for Android

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How can you search for, or filter unread messages in your Archived folder on the Android/iOS Outlook app? I feel like there used to be a toggle on an older version of the Outlook for Android/iOS app, but for the life of me, I can't find anything like that now.


I tried "is:unread" in the search bar, but that didn't do anything either...



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Filters are only available in the Inbox folder, for some reason.

Looks like Microsoft doesn't have this problem resolved yet and it's been quite awhile.

Our company just switched from a IMAP mail system to Microsoft Exchange and we can't filter unread mail or flagged messages using the Android or iOS Outlook app.


This needs to be changed ASAP.

Have you found any work around since their developers don't have any sense of urgency or care to keep their clients satisfied with the products?

I can't be alone in using a search to find unread emails in folders so that I can read them when ready. It's easy to do in Outlook for Windows and it is very frustrating that I cannot do the same on the move.



Is MS serious about their own software?

The second a competitor has a better setup our company will make the switch.


We need fixes for Exchange Accounts to have the ability to review flagged messaged and unread mail. It cannot be a Inbox filter, that just doesn't cut it.


Microsoft, I've sent you countless emails and advisories through the App in the past years. Why are you not taking this unresolved issue seriously? If you would like some development help, reach out to Google and they will show you how it's done.

@joeldjones try "isread:no" as that worked for me

Thanks! It works for me also.
Thanks a lot! It was that simple after all.