External Sender banner covering up To field

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After the update to version (Version 2403 Build 16.0.17425.20176) 64-bit on Windows 11 and maybe 10 users are reporting issues when replying to messages in the reading pane. The To field and the Discard and Popout are all hidden when the message is marked with the External Sender warning banner. It used to work fine and the message would drop below the banner when you click on reply or forward, but now the banner covers over the top part of the new message. It's mostly just a minor annoyance that can be overcome by opening the email message before replying or forwarding as the banner goes away entirely.

I checked the zoom and font settings and that isn't the cause. I recently just moved to a new computer and it is happening on this computer but was fine on my old one. My old computer was on version 2402 build16.0.17328.20282

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We have 2 users who started reporting this 2ish weeks ago.

Both on 10.0.19045


have not identified a fix.


If it helps; after trying anything view-related on Outlook to try and replicate the problem, It only started doing it when I added it to a Windows-managed app for display (system > Display > Graphics).
Reverting the changes did not fix it... Neither did a clean uninstall...

I could be going crazy trying to fix this, but that makes me think it's windows related.

Windows : 23H2 10.0.22631
Office Version: 2404 Build 16.0.17531.20140) 64-bit
I think it is the version of Outlook, possibly Windows. As it affects emails in the Reading pane you would think more people would be reporting this as an issue. Things like this have happened before if you use the Zoom feature in display settings, which windows seems to set at 125% by default depending on your monitor. Even though I set everything back to 100%, it still is a problem. Every now and then, it will show up as it should, but very rarely.