Emails for a shared calendar are going to the wrong email even with owner change

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For my work we have a couple of shared calendars for time-off request that employees submit and it gets emailed to the owner for approval. Recently though we had management changes and so we changed the owner of the calendar associated to them and in the past that seem to allow the emails to then go to the new owner, but now it is still going to the last owner even after a few weeks of the owner change. I have gone in and double checked the owner and it is the person that is suppose to be, and I can't find any articles that deal with this problem.


Any advice or help would be amazing, thank you so much for your time!

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Hi @Gemini_breaker,

you can try to use these troubleshooting steps to try to resolve your issue:

  1. Double-check one more time that you have correctly updated the owner of the shared calendar to the new person. You can do this by accessing the calendar settings and ensuring that the new owner's name or email address is listed as the owner.

  2. Review the email settings associated with the shared calendar. Make sure that the email address linked to the new owner is accurate and up to date. Additionally, ensure that email notifications are enabled for the new owner.

  3. Delegate Access: If there are any delegates assigned to the calendar, check their configurations. Delegates might have permissions to receive and manage time-off requests on behalf of the owner. Verify that the delegates are correctly set up and not causing any conflicts.

  4. Clear Cached Data: Clear the cache and temporary files on the devices or email clients involved in sending the time-off requests.

  5. Test with a New Request: Create a test time-off request and observe whether the email notification goes to the correct owner. This will help determine if the issue is specific to existing requests or something more general.

    Maybe this article can also help you:

    Manage calendar permissions in Office 365 with PowerShell - ALI TAJRAN

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