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My email says I have multiple email in my inbox but none with show to let me read them.

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Hi @Brad_k295,

Here are some potential steps (options) that might help:

  1. Adjust View Settings:
    The view settings, such as filters, could be causing the issue. To change this, select the Inbox folder, go to the View tab, and click View Settings. In the pop-up window, click Filter, and then click clear views (filters).



  2. Check Junk Email Folder:
    Ensure that emails aren't wrongly marked as junk.

  3. Review Deleted Items Folder:
    If emails were accidentally deleted, they might be in the Deleted Items folder. Right-click on the email, select Move > Inbox to restore it.

  4. Use Send/Receive for Synchronization:
    Navigate to the Send/Receive tab, click Send/Receive All Folders, and allow it some time to synchronize.


Outlook inbox not displaying all emails received. - Microsoft Community

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