Email Issues since Monday

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HI hope someone can help.


I am at wits end , have not been able to send or receive emails on phone or laptop since Monday.

  • Have purchased more storage as suggested now have 1TB only 1% used.
  • Deleted emails as suggested.
  • Changed password, nothing seems to have worked.

So frustrated right now

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Is this regarding and mailbox? if so, I'm experiencing issues as well.

I had created a mailbox last week for my father in-law and that worked fine on 3 different devices until yesterday. (Tuesday 9th of April). Since then, he can receive Emails, but mails he sent from that mailbox sent without error, but are never received by the recipient.

I tried this from an iOS device, Android Device and site on a Windows PC and all show the same behavior. Signing in and out of the Microsoft account does not resolve this.

Update: just found out there is indeed an issue and Microsoft is aware of the issue: 
Other mailboxes, like my own are working fine, so it seems not all mailboxes are impacted.