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I have e-mail older than 12 months old stored offsite. I click the line at the bottom of my inbox to retrieve them. I want to free up my e-mail storage so I have it set to Archive items older than 1/1/23. However, the items stored offsite are not Archiving to my local folder on the C Drive. I have to manually drag them to move them. How can I get them to Archive to my local folder without having to manually drag them.


Thanks, Brad

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Hi @Bradh410,

to automatically archive your older emails in Microsoft Outlook, follow these steps:

For general AutoArchive settings:

1. Navigate to File > Options > Advanced.
2. Under AutoArchive, click on AutoArchive Settings.
3. Check the Run AutoArchive every n days box and set the desired frequency.
4. Configure other options such as deleting old items instead of archiving them.

If you want to customize AutoArchive settings for a specific folder:

1. Right-click on the folder in the Navigation Pane and select Properties.
2. Go to the AutoArchive tab and choose your preferred options.

Keep in mind that AutoArchive might not be available for Exchange Server accounts, and organization-wide retention policies could override AutoArchive settings.

For Office 365 users, adjust the auto-archive policy to move emails older than a specific period to the Online Archive. Modify the tag in the Exchange Admin Center under Compliance Management > Retention Tags.

For more information you can use these links:
Archive older items automatically - Microsoft Support
How do I setup O365 to Auto Archive all email older than 6 months - Microsoft Community

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