Disable teams option and teams meeting link in new calendar invite using deeplink

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From my web application, I am using deeplink 'https://outlook.office.com/calendar/0/deeplink/compose?' to create a new calendar item in Outlook. This works as expected and I have populated it with my own meeting link in the '&body=' query parameter. As I have my own meeting link, I do not need the reference to Teams anywhere in my invite. I am looking for the answer to the below issues:

1. Is there any deeplink option which would allow me to disable the Teams toggle switch (the one that enables/disables teams meeting) in the invite page? I would like to remove the teams switch altogether.

2. When I add a recipient in the invite page, the teams switch automatically toggles to 'enabled' and inserts a teams meeting link in the email that goes out and also in the calendar event. I understand this can be disabled by unchecking the “Add online meeting to all meetings” option in the 365/owa Calendar Options. But I wouldn't want my user to alter the app or toggle the teams switch. Instead I would like to know if there is any deeplink option which will disable the Teams meeting link in the calendar event.


Any pointer would be very helpful. thanks


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