Disable "Allow Forwarding" for meeting invitations by default

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Does anyone know if there's a way to disable the "Allow Forwarding" meeting response option by default?


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Hi, did a quick search at getadmx but no hit so nothing ”official” it seems. But there’s probably a registry hack out there..

@Julia Foran would probably know the answer here :)

Let's hope they see this :)

@ChristianBergstrom - I've been searching for a reghack, but haven't come across one yet :(

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Unfortunately, the answer was no, sorry. I suppose you can put it out on UserVoice.

Hi @lapirogue , it looks you have to  use a VBA macro or an add-in.

Thanks for the update Vasil.

@Vasil Michev - thanks, Vasil! I'll check if there's already an ask for this in UserVoice.

@Victor Ivanidze -Thanks for the suggestion, Victor. But I was really hoping there was an official way to disable the setting. I found that the macro only disables forwarding on the Outlook client, but can be circumvented via OWA.