Deleted Internet Calendar keeps reappearing

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I am helping my wife with her Outlook setup.  She is using Outlook 2019 and had her Gmail calendar added in.  Because the PST kept getting corrupted she asked me to remove the Google Internet Calendar.  With Outlook closed, I deleted the Internet Calendar Subscription.pst file, deleted the Internet Calendar item, and restarted Outlook.  But the Internet Calendar keeps reappearing.  Any way to permanently remove the Internet Calendar Subscription? 

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What type of email account does she use? The internet calendar info is stored in the profile - so a last resort option is a new profile.

But start with the cleansharing switch -

Close Outlook. Right click on the Start button and choose Run or press Windows key + R to open the Run command, type or paste the following into the Open field then press Enter or click Ok. (no space before /)
outlook.exe /cleansharing

@Diane Poremsky ; Hello Diane,

  My wife has an email account that she connects to through outlook.  It is a POP/IMAP connection.  I am not sure what type of mail server her provider uses.  But I am positive it is not Exchange.  I am most concerned with doing any thing that will involve loss of email.  Even the smallest amount.   

I appreciate you sharing the /cleansharing switch.  I see from the description at (Command-line switches for Microsoft Office products - Office Support), that it just removes "Removes all RSS, Internet Calendar, and SharePoint subscriptions from Account Settings, but leaves all the previously downloaded content on your computer. ".  I want to be absolutely sure, 100% sure, that there will be no loss of emails of any kind anywhere within her Outlook profile. 


Could you comment on that?



If its a pop account, definitely nothing is lost as long as she has the pst. That mail is downloaded and safe.

IMAP mail is on the server and is safe, but if you have calendar, contacts, and tasks in 'this computer only' folders, if anything happens to the data file they are lost. Using cleansharing switch won't affect it though.

The switch removes the sharing url, but any calendar or RSS feed downloaded, that content is not deleted. It will not be updated going forward though.

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