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Is there a way to change a default save location when opening attachments from Outlook? I open hundreds of pdf each day that are mailed to me and I need to save them to a specific file. Outlook automatically defaults to a long path. I need to know how I can configure to go to a different drive. Currently defaulting to the C drive (long path) I need to change the drive to N and my own path... 

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Hi Victor, Thanks so much for the detailed  explanation. Unfortunately when I press the window key and the R, I get a different box after I type regedit. The box I get registry editor (computer, with folders underneath HKEY_classes_root, current user, local machine, users, Current Config.) I dont know how to proceed from here :(

It also have file, edit, view, favorites, help

can you ask somebody more IT-savvy to help? There are detailed instructions.