Custom HTML email signature with links and images - background image not working

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Hey everyone. I have a custom HTML email signature with a background image. Works on outlook for IOS and but does not work on outlook for mac. Please help as to next steps that should be taken?


I am posting what it is suppose to look like. And What it does look like after copy and paste on outlook for mac.

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Outlook for Mac (and Windows) does not support background images.
You can only use a background colour when using the Outlook on Mac email client.
Thank you for your quick response. I saw a discussion like this back in 2019. Do you know if microsoft is working on this matter?

I tried playing around with it one last time today and as business owners we do not give up until we know we've exhausted every avenue. And I tried everything. I think pictures will explain everything. 

When I edited the html in Microsoft words I was able to copy and paste with matching style onto outlook for mac. That is picture 1.

In picture 2 as I try to use the email signature outlook has an issue with placing the file exactly as it was saved. So it seems there's an issue with transferring the anchored background image. While Word allows us to anchor images "in the back of text" outlook for mac does not. 

Picture 3 is the end result of my work. Looks like the background image is no longer anchored as well as the main image.

Which would indicate that Microsoft can solve this issue by adding some code from words to outlook that would allow us to anchor the images. What do you think?@Jesper_Frier 

Yes, your test proved that it does not work in Outlook on Mac (same behaviour on Windows).

Background images are not supported in Outlook on Mac (and Windows).

It's in the hands of Microsoft to fix it :)