Custom Dictionary Not Available in Mac Outlook

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I use Mac Outlook 2016 and started seeing this each time I close out of Outlook. I am not able to get rid of the error. I realize it is saying something is wrong with the Custom Dictionary located in my account. I have done a few Google searches, but not finding a way to get rid of this error.


Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 8.14.05 PM.png


Note that I am able to add words to Word, but Outlook does not given an option. In fact, in Outlook, the "add" is greyed out and unable to do anything.


Any assistance to correct this error?


Thank you!




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I finally got it to work. Shortly after posting the message to this community, I found a Microsoft site that helped. I went through options 1 - 5 and finally after item 6 on the following page, it resolved the issue. Outlook is working and I am able to add words to the dictionary within Outlook. Not sure what broke it as it was working, but it is working again. John

I had the identical issue. I just chalked it up to being on the fast insider update track. There haven't been any updates this week, which I assumed might correct the issue. I will try the fix you posted.  -Jim