Copy & Paste on a Mac/ Or new Add Ins

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I am looking for simplify a process or an "add In" that might help! (Not Zapier)

At this moment, I have someone typing in excel every email that comes through outlook. They fill out who sent the email, time and date, and assign that email task to a "person".  Then in the days following she double checks in our system if that person completed that tasks.  There are 200+ tasks per day.  


In windows, I have turned the reading pane off and able to CNTL Copy and Paste all email column data from that day into an excel, cutting down her manual entry time.  She is on a MAC and the Copy and Paste will not work and gives her an error "sound".  Any tips on how to do this from a MAC?

From what I have done, export will not work because it thinks we are exporting the mail as a document.  I need the excel set up in columns FROM:  TIME:    DATE:   SUBJECT:    SIZE:  Then I can add column for who it was assigned to.  


Open to any Add Ins that can do this as well, they just seem to do way more than what I am needing!

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As far as I know, it is not possible on a mac. (I've tried.)

Hi @JasWilson,

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I am not aware of an excel plugin. However, if you have Microsoft 365 which includes SharePoint,  SharePoint is great for storing documents including emails in a "Document Library". A document library looks a lot like an excel spreadsheet but it contains the document and any associated metadata. 

For example, you can create the proper column headers including Email Status.  What is really nice, you can then filter and group on column headers and status. As a bonus, exporting the information as an excel list with active hyperlinks.

Microsoft 365 has advanced tools like Power Automate (a paid subscription) which creates a workflow that automatically moves or sends a copy to the designated document library, and assigns and sends alerts to the proper team members. And, finally, when the task is completed, the leader can receive an alert as well.