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In all other situations/apps in iOs 12.x, apps allow you to switch keyboards via the "globe" or "earth" silhouette icon in the lower, left-hand corner. This is not an option in the Outlook iOs app. There is just a blank, grey space in the lower, left-hand corner with no visible method for changing keyboards (languages, additional graphic options, emojis, etc.).


Anyone have a fix or suggestion?


Aaron :)

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I have the exact same complaint and haven't found an answer yet. Very frustrating because the default keyboard is not good for writing long emails.
Just wanting to add my support to this. Unusable on iOS due to keyboard
This appears to be resolved for me now. I'm on 13.xx on my iphone X and I can confirm there is a globe icon for switching keyboards in the ios Outlook app. My outlook app is version 4.14.0.