Cannot Uninstall Zoom Plug In for Outlook

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Hi All 


I cannot uninstall the Zoom outlook plug in from my outlook. Can you please help? 

It seems there is a file missing or a resource is unavailable in my PC.

So when I am trying to uninstall the Zoom outlook plug in the file that was supposed to be uninstalled cannot be found. I get a message that the path C:\users\pboza\Appdata\Roaming\ZoomPlugin\CheckForUpdate\5.3.52819.0925.msi cannot be found. The installation package 5.3.52819.0925.msi  is missing and therefore cannot be uninstalled. The problem is that the plug in remains in my outlook and cannot remove it from my Settings > Apps and Features. 




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@PetrosBoz following, as I have the exact same problem.



Same problem here - I still have not seen any responses - any success?


Yes, in the end I have installed Revo Uninstaller Pro on my system, removed the Zoom app whilst Outlook was closed and subsequently reinstalled Zoom. That did the job.



Thanks!  When you say you removed Zoom app, did you mean just the Outlook Zoom plugin or the entire Zoom software?


I have uninstalled both just to be sure and reinstalled both with the newest versions.
I appreciate it. I tried as you said, installed the Revo Uninstaller Pro, but even with tat, it would not let me remove the "missing" msi file. It still wants me to find it. Tried various functions of the Revo software, including the forced remove msi function. Still no luck. Thanks for you help and I will keep on digging!
I am sorry that this did not work. Have you tried perhaps to do the same in safe mode? Maybe this could help (or not.....)?
Hi Edwin - I spoke too soon. I kept playing around with the various Revo tools and finally got it to "remove" the missing .msi file and was then able to install the Zoom Outlook plugin update. Also Revo had a half price sale for Valentines' Day (go figure). So thanks for your help - I was able to fix the issue that, while not major, was just annoying me :) Thanks again!
Glad to hear! These things can creep under your skin if not resolved, so glad it did!