Cannot Add a Business Gmail account to Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO

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I used outlook to manage multiple email accounts most personal but Iwant to add a business gmail account I work for but it will not load. I have have 2 personal gmail accounts and these took a bit of time to load (finally had to change email address from gmail to googlemail and they worked. 


The business email address does not use gmail in the name it is a company email address. I have checked the passwrods and the settings and followed the wizard. I have also tried changing gmail to Pop rather than imap but nothing seems to work and I always get the 'Something went wrong' message stating 'We coundn't create the Outlook data file. Make sure the disk you're saving to isn't full or write -protected and that the file isn't being used. '

I have followed all the Troubleshooting tips and I am completely stumped. For extra info I have Outlook on my mobile and this let me set up the account with no problem I just cant add it to my laptop Outlook. 


Please help!



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