Calendars are missing in Outlook for Mac

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Hi, for some reason my calendars have vanished. When I click on the calendar tab on the bottom, it just shows me an empty calendar and the two I had previously have vanished. strangely i'm still getting the reminders fr events etc. Can anyone please help?

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I am experiencing exactly the same issue. Any help would be most appreciated.

@guyonthego I am experiencing the exact same issue. Bizarre. One empty calendar now, but alerts for three of my calendars are popping up. I tried opening Shared Calendar but nothing shows up.

I am experiencing the same issue right after I switched back to the 'old' Outlook for Mac from the 'New' version.

Exact same problem; I reinstalled Outlook for Mac after having problems with crash on launch, and now about 15 calendars on 3 accounts have dissapeared from the agenda tab. There is now a single empty "Calendar" assigned to the first account.


My calendar information is however still present and appears on other devices.


Still no solution.

Although it is not a conclusive fix, I wanted to mention that flipoing between "New Outlook" mode and "Classic Outlook" mode does restore the Calendars in the other view.
I have same problem, switched to 'New Outlook' and lost all appointments. There is no option to switch back to 'old outlook' either. How can I add Calendars for the email accounts I have in Outlook? None of the documentation or Tutorials shows the new interface or has any instruction on how to assign a Calendar to one of my mail accounts. This is a terrible, buggy 'beta' release which has caused a ton of problems for my business!.

@xaveus Hi, there's a ' return to legacy outlook' under Help tab