calendar in Outlook for adroid and ios: weekview

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Hi everybody,

there is an at least 3 years old uservoice request to add a weekview Option to Outlook for iOS and Android.

It is supported by more than 16.000 users. Up to now, there is still no Information about that in the O365 Roadmap. Outlook for Windows mobile got this view in December 2015. As Windows mobile is dead: When will this view find it´s way to Outlook for Android and iOS. We currently migrate to Exchange Online and our users are used to have the weekview.




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@Julia Foran, the masses have spoken, anything planned here? Can you at least get someone to update the status of the item? :)

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Hi there. Thanks for the feedback. We prioritize our roadmap from several feedback channels, and of course UserVoice is one of the the inputs. In terms of additional calendar views, we've heard more requests for a month view in our apps while on a phone, so this is something we're planning to implement soon. The roadmap site will soon reflect this. If you're an iPad / tablet user, we do offer the week view there on the larger screen. :) Thanks for using Outlook for iOS & Android!