Calendar grid flashes over top of email view

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Device: Windows 10 Professional (fully updated and otherwise stable)

Product: Outlook in Microsoft 365 (64 bit Personal Subscription - Not Enterprise)

Version: 2108 ( Build 14326.20238 Click-to-Run)



I typically use the "Monthly" view for my calendar. After viewing the calendar and switching back to my email (typically to my Inbox) the email list appears and then is quickly replaced with an empty calendar grid. If I hover the mouse over the area and move it up and down, it will restore the email list individually (line by line - like using a paint brush). See the attached screen shot of some emails in the list visible with the empty calendar grid filling the rest of the window area.  If I switch from my Inbox to another mailbox and then switch back, it almost always restores the correct email list view.


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This problem started around July 2021 after I resolved a different set of problems that were the result of having previous versions of Office installed. I used the Microsoft tool to completely remove ALL residue from all versions of Office and then reinstalled the 64 bit Click-to-Run version. I have not had any other problems with Office or Outlook since but this new email view issue. Note that I have waited through several Click-to-Run Updates to see if this was a known problem that would be fixed. I can find no other references to this issue in this Community or any other (e.g. Google Searches).


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