button in Tasks in to-do app mobile, won't open the open in outlook kink

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Hi, the button, open in outlook, doesnt work on android to do app. . I create a task from an email in outlook by clicking, create task. Then i go to to-do app , open the task and click on open in outlook button. A toast message appears, saying the mail couldn't be opened. Actually a login like sceeen aooears and disappears too fast. When i remove my account from outlook, and click the button again, outlook app opens up and says add account.. So the link to outlook is ok. But it doesn't open the corresponding e mail although i am logged in outlook and reading the mails.
My device is xiaomi poco x3 android 11, miui 12.5 non rooted, eu custom rom. I gave every permission to both apps and disabled battery opt. And clicked auto start to both apps.
Can you help?
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