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Mathilde Damm
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I have a trouble with my auto signature not being included in emails if I attach dokuments directly from ex. a word document.

  • I choose the function "Share" in, for example, a word document
  • Then I select "Attach document instead"
  • A new message opens in outlook where the document is attached.
  • The auto signature I normally use is not inserted in the mail - it must be done manually.

Question: Is it possible to change the settings so that the auto signature is inserted automatically?



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This is a limitation of the method that is being used to generate an email from another application. Unless you want to create a VBA macro there isn't much you can do against it but luckily it is easy enough to still add a signature before sending the message.


For more info and workarounds see: Send To Mail Recipient in HTML and with Signature


Ok, thank you very much for your answer - i'll just add it.

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